Risk Management Services

No one wishes to be involved in a lawsuit or claim. LP3 implemented a proactive risk management plan to help ourPhysicians practice safely. Protecting Physicians from the anxiety, distraction and pain of medical malpractice claims requires compassion, strength and professionalism, as well as the active involvement of the Physician insureds. LP3 helps our Physicians understand the origins of malpractice claims and believes most can be prevented. We will gather Premier Physicians to identify, examine and correct critical problems in their respective specialties. We will scrutinize claims to discover and understand common factors, including procedures, techniques, instrumentation and drug protocols. We will coordinate risk management education on general and specialty-specific topics. In summary, we will help our Physicians:

  • comprehend and practice risk management essentials
  • identify circumstances that may lead to claims events
  • develop systems to manage that risk
  • reduce and/or eliminate the impact of financial or judicial losses when events do occur.

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