Q. What is the Louisiana Premier Physicians Program?

Louisiana Premier Physicians Program (LP3) has been created to provide an alternative for medical malpractice coverage. The Program is exclusively offered to a select group of Physicians licensed and practicing in Louisiana.

Q. How strong and secure is the Program?

The Louisiana Premier Physicians Program is underwritten by one of the nation’s leading property and casualty insurers, which is part of one of the strongest and most stable insurance and financial services organizations in the world.

Q. Who is eligible to participate?

Initially, those Louisiana Physicians who possess claims histories superior to their peers; practice in risk Classes IV through VIII; and maintain membership in Louisiana Premier Physicians Program, L.L.C. will be eligible to participate.

Q. Do I need to purchase a “tail” if I leave my present insurance carrier?

No. Prior Acts or “nose” coverage is provided to you as a newly-joining Physician, eliminating the need to purchase a “tail” from your previous insurance carrier.

Q. How will the Program be managed?

Participating Physicians will be invited to serve on the Program’s Board of Directors and Committees, working closely with our professionals in finance, underwriting, claims handling, and risk management.

Q. Can the Program settle claims without my consent?

Your consent must be obtained prior to settlement.

Q. Can I choose my own legal counsel to handle claims?

You may select experienced and successful legal counsel approved by the Program.

Q. What insurance coverage does this Program offer?

Louisiana Premier Physicians Program offers you “claims made” coverage of $100,000 per incident/$300,000 aggregate. “Sleep insurance” with limits up to 2 million dollars is available, if you desire additional coverage above the PCF layer of $500,000.

Q. Am I still eligible to participate in the PCF?

Definitely. You will receive proof of insurance acceptable to the Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance and Patient’s Compensation Fund, which allows for “qualification” under Act 817.

Q. Will I still be protected by the “cap”?

Absolutely. Evidence of insurance coverage through this Program and your payment of the PCF surcharge will limit your liability exposure by law.

Q. Does this Program offer free “tail” coverage?

Free “tail” coverage is provided upon death, disability or retirement to those Physicians who meet the Program’s eligibility requirements.

Q. How does this opportunity differ from other insurance plans?

The Program will insure only Premier Physicians of superior quality, who possess exemplary claims experience, thereby creating a risk pool which enjoys a significant, statistical advantage over the general population of physicians.

Q. How will the premium rates compare?

The Program intends to maintain level premiums during the first three years of your participation. Retrospective analysis will be used, thereafter, to allow for long-term reductions in premiums.

Q. How does retrospective premium adjustment affect me?

Specific, attainable benchmarks for claims and losses will be set for the Program’s Physicians as a group. You will be rewarded for good performance by way of lower (adjusted) premiums beginning in the fourth year of your participation, according to established formulas.

Q. May I share call with physicians who are not insured by the Program?

Yes. However, each share call physician must be covered by the PCF.

Q. Why is this Program entering Louisiana at this time?

Because it is long overdue! Other carriers have abandoned this market, thereby reducing competition, leaving you with limited choice.

Q. Should I leave my present carrier to participate in this Program?

The choice will be clear when you consider the full scope of benefits offered through this Program.

Q. Will I be able to finance my premiums?

Yes. The Program has made arrangements for financing with favorable terms.

Q. What other membership benefits are included in the Louisiana Premier Physicians Program, in addition to professional liability insurance protection?


Members will have access to online Continuing Medical Education (both general and specialty specific).

  1. An Employee Assistance Program providing health, legal, financial, personal and professional advisory services will be available to your office staff.
  2. In-office risk management visits will be provided to assist you and your staff in recognizing, evaluating and preventing potential claims.
  3. Risk Management and Professional Development topics will be addressed in periodic newsletters and seminars offered by the Program.
  4. Unlike other programs, your participation is strongly encouraged, but your premiums are not based on your attendance.
  5. Legal defense of Medicare/Medicaid fraud allegations.
  6. Legal defense in administrative hearings conducted by federal, state or medical licensing/certification authorities.
  7. Additional benefits to be announced.

Q. Whom should I contact to learn more about this Program?

You may call us at 504-834-6240 or 877-834-6240 (toll free) or email us at info@louisianapremierphysicians.com.