Claims Management


No Physician cares to think that he/she may need the expertise of our Claims personnel. However, when a claim is filed, Physicians want the best possible claims service. Because we recognize the emotional and professional consequences of a claim, we will help our Physicians remain informed and involved during all stages of their defense.

Claims are investigated through statements, reviews by experts, research and other appropriate means. Our personnel are active claims managers and work in association with the insured Physician and defense counsel to reach an equitable resolution of claims and to enable our Physicians to concentrate on the delivery of Premier healthcare. We will utilize only experienced and successful legal counsel selected by our insured Physicians and approved by LP3. We expect them to respond with the quickness, interest and commitment of a best friend. After all, we are not merely defending a case, but the reputations and livelihoods of our Physicians. We must be fair and thorough in our investigation and claim management. Claims related services will be provided by an affiliated entity of LP3.


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