Addressing the Challenges

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Physicians are finding it difficult to practice medicine in a litigious society. With increased risk of payments (regardless of fault) comes a market retreat of insurance providers. Consequently, the remaining market providers have little or no competition, resulting in a market with limited choice and low client satisfaction.

While other carriers have abandoned this market, LP3 is focused on offering Physicians a stable, predictable medical liability insurance plan. LP3 will be governed and managed by our Physician insureds, working with a company with unquestioned financial strength. LP3 must earn your trust by delivering satisfactory solutions based on the stated needs of our Physician policyholders. We intend to earn your trust and respect by satisfying Physician needs and by protecting the good reputations of our Premier Physicians.

We want to work together on critical issues, such as insurance, litigation management, public relations and legislation.


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